The Truck Situation

*Takes a deep breath*  It’s all going to be ok.  The dealership has gone above and beyond, and everything will be taken care of.  It’s not time to break out the arturo fuente cigars just yet because the tranny shop can't get to the truck until next Monday, but it's all being taken care of. That's all that matters, right? My beautiful new truck gets to sit in my driveway for another week while I'm still stuck driving my Dad's Jeep for now, but at least when I do finally get to drive it everything will be working properly. It's worth the wait.

The other good news is I called the dealership to see if any warranty replacements had ever been done on this particular truck, and I found out the fuel injectors along with most of the rest of the fuel system was replaced 20,000 miles ago.  Considering the fuel injectors are the #1 issue on these trucks that’s a major relief. 

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