You know what I hate about targeted ads?  If they’re going to target me they could at least give me something I can use.  I noticed I had a ton of ads in my sidebar on one of the social networking sites for furniture.  Okay, so I’ve been looking at a lot of furniture online lately.  They got that part right.  What isn’t right is all the ads for stuff I love but can’t buy because the ad isn’t relevant to my location.  bedroom furniture los angeles ads from stores that only sell locally. I've even seen ads from other countries that don't import to the US.

So, ad networks if you're going to target us could you at least get the location right, too? It does no good to target people who can't buy what you're selling.  That should be a lesson to those thinking of using targeted ads for marketing.  Make sure the company you choose is targeting to people who will actually be interested in your product or who are in an area to buy it if you’re not selling globally.

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