He’s Hurting

I feel really sorry for Ben tonight.  He’s been working a lot of overtime, and it’s killing his feet.  Ever since he had his motorcycle wreck a few years ago when he broke both feet he’s had problems with pain and swelling.  The doctor says that’s normal after breaking your foot/ankle, and it’s something he’ll have to live with.  Some days it’s worse than others, and today has been one of those days.

We grabbed hibachi takeout and took it to his parent’s house for dinner because he was hurting too much to want to go inside the restaurant.  After dinner he propped his feet up for awhile, and when it was time to go his right foot was hurting so badly he had a hard time putting any weight on it.  His solution was to use his mom’s rolling office chair like a knee walker. When we got home I ran inside for his walking cast boot thing, and he managed to get inside wearing it. I put Ellie straight to bed and set Ben up with a foot soak. The swelling has already gone down drastically, and he said it's definitely helping soothe the pain, too.

I know the doctor says this is normal, but I never expected this much pain to be normal.  Then again it’s hard to let his feet rest when he’s been working so much and on his feet all day.  He has to work a few hours in the morning willing his feet will let him then I’m making him take it easy for the rest of the weekend.

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