Working Hard At Decluttering

I've gotten a lot more organized in the last few days than I thought I would.  Ben couldn't work yesterday or today because of the rain, so he's been a big help.  We cleaned out the closets in our room, part of the attic, and when the sun came out this afternoon we tackled a bit of the mess in the garage.  By the time yard sale season rolls around I'm going to have a huge pile of stuff ready to sell.

We've got so much junk we don't use and/or need, so it's all going out the door.  I mean why does Ben need a welding helmet and mig welder in the garage if he doesn't weld? He picked them up second hand when he was thinking about going back to school for welding, but that didn't happen. Now they sit in the garage along with tons of other stuff he doesn't use taking up extra space. That space could be used for oh let's say a car for me!

I've figured out exactly what I'm going to do with any extra money I earn from yard sales and Ebay.  I'm going to dump it all into a "buy Jenn a car" fund.  I'm sure I won't save enough to buy the Infiniti I really want anytime soon, but I can dream.

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