Editing Videos With Great Software

I often have friends and family ask me to edit photo or video for them because they either don’t know how or do not want to deal with the hassle.  I enjoy doing both, so I will take on the project more often than not.  Most of the time when a person sends me a photo to edit I can quickly open up Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 and have the photo edited in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to videos I’ve had a few problems finding an editing software that I truly love to use, so I often find myself trying different ones before I complete a project.  Now I may have found the solution to my problem.  I didn’t realize that Corel offers such great video editing software!  After reading about VideoStudio Pro X4 I’m ready to download the free trial and give it a try.  I have a feeling I’ll be satisfied as this seems like the software I’ve been looking for!  With my birthday right around the corner maybe I can convince Ben this would make a great birthday present!

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