Yummy Temptations

I’m going shopping tomorrow with my best friend for her new tv, so I’ve been wasting time tonight by sitting here looking at samsung tvs. You know what the problem with wasting time is? It makes me hungry, and when I'm hungry at nearly midnight that is not a good thing. I ended up consuming a whole cajun turkey sandwich and half a bag of BBQ Baked Lays.

That’s also why I don’t like to keep junk food in the house.  If it’s not here it can’t tempt me into eating it!  Oh, and I don’t care if they’re “Baked” Lays.  They’re still fattening potato chips!  It’s Ben’s fault.  He bought them to go with his lunch today at work, and he brought what he didn’t eat home.  Shame on him for tempting me! LOL.  Seriously though.  It’s no wonder I’ve gained 11 pounds in the last month.  If I don’t stop eating like a horse I’ll be as big as one by the end of the year!

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