Feeling Sexy

I've been saving the money I got for Mother's Day from my Grandma to buy myself something special, even though my Grandma probably wouldn't exactly approve of my item of choice. I've been wanted to buy some lingerie, not because I want my husband to see it, but because nice lingerie has a habit of making me feel better about myself. The only problem is I'm having a hard time finding something I like that will fit me. I don't need plus size lingerie, so I don't know why it has become so hard to find something to fit me properly!

My problem is that I have a rather large chest, and no one seems to have anything in stock that fits my top. Forget getting the one piece I found. My choices are XL, which causes it to fit my boobs but hang off me everywhere else, or M, way too small on top, but fits the rest of my body. Ugh. Since when did buying lingerie become so hard to do? I guess I'll have to keep looking or break down and order something online hoping it fits. There's one more lingerie store about 45 minutes away I want to check out, but if things keep going the way they have been I doubt they'll have anything either!

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