Definitely Ready For Bed

You know how I knew it’s been a long day and I’m super tired?  I was reading reviews on a few Smart phones because I’m getting tired of all the problems I’m having with my droid, and when I read htc I thought it said "thc". The color of the phone pictured in the review was green, so I had one of those "is someone seriously naming a green phone after a chemical in a drug?" moments. Then of course I snapped back to reality and realized my eyes had played a trick on me, and I'd read it wrong. Yeah, I think that was a definite clue I'm super tired.

Then I curled up on the couch to read a book to the little one, and when she went into her room to get another book I actually dozed off.  I was only out for a couple minutes when she woke me up stroking my face and saying “Mamamamamama”.  She’s had a long day, too, so as soon as she started rubbing her eyes I put her to bed.  I’m not far behind her.  I’m going to wrap up a few loose ends, then I’m going to curl up in my own bed and snooze away!

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