Trying Some Gardening

I wanted to get out and work in my garden this weekend, but the rain and coldness put a damper on that.  At least I can work with the few things I have in pots on the back porch.  This is the first time I’ve attempted a garden for myself, but I wanted to have a garden with Ellie.  Unfortunately I didn’t exactly inherit my farmer Dad’s green thumb, so what I’ve planted is struggling to grow. 

Still, I wanted to at least try to have a garden.  I love fresh vegetables, and why buy them when you can grow them?  Okay I admit in the summer time I don’t buy them anyway.  I just call my Dad, and he brings me some of his, but I wanted to at least try to grow my own.

I planted my vegetables the same day my Dad planted his.  I was following his instruction and doing just what he told me to do.  He has a full garden on the farm, but he also keeps a few things on his back porch in planters where he grows year round, so he gave me instructions on how to do a potted garden.  I don’t know what I did wrong, but his stuff is thriving, and mine is barely popping through the soil.  I joked that I might just try crushing up some growtropin hgh and sprinkling it on the plants to see if they magically start to grow!  Instead I’m going to wait patiently and hope I didn’t kill my little plants before they even got a chance to get started.  If I did, oh well.  I guess I’ll have to send Ellie to Papa’s to dig in his garden!

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