Sorting, Cleaning, & Donating

Today is yet another boring rainy day around here, so I'm taking advantage of the fact that the little one is spending the day with my Grandparents to do some more household organizing. I think it's time to go through all of our clothes and pack up most of the seasonal stuff.

It's still a bit chilly right now, but we're in that in between Spring and Winter phase. We don't need all of our Winter clothes, and I'd like to get a jump start on getting those out of our drawers/closets. This is also a great time for me to go through my clothes to see what I can donate again.

I've lost more weight, and now the stuff I was wearing most of the first year post-baby is just way too big for me. I'm fitting back into a lot of my pre-baby clothes, so I can get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit. I also have a ton of jeans that I need to donate. A friend gave me a huge container of jeans she can't fit into anymore now that she's had a baby, too, but I'm so short most of them are too long for my short legs. I had set them aside to have my Grandma hem them, but considering they've been sitting in a box in the bedroom for 3 months now I should donate them instead. I always forget to take them to be hemmed, and if I'm not using them someone else should.

What is it with jeans these days anyway?  Even though I’m only 5’2” I used to have no problem finding jeans that fit me properly lengthwise.  These days I’m starting to think my parents should have given me hgh supplements to make me grow more lol because even the jeans in the petite sections are way too long for me!  I end up rolling them up and looking like a bum because I can never find ones that fit, but I’m always too busy to remember to get them hemmed.  Plus if I can’t get my Grandma to hem them it’s just another added expense I don’t want to have to face. 

Maybe I should give up and start wearing dresses year round!  Ok, so we know that won’t happen.  I hate wearing dresses even more than I hate jeans that are way too long!

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