I’ve Got To Do Something

As gas prices rise it’s getting harder and harder for us to come up with the cash we need to pay for everything.  I admit it’s been a struggle while Hubby has been unemployed for so long, and I’m thankful for his the little bit of unemployment he is receiving.  My income combined with his unemployment has been just enough to keep the bills paid, but after sitting down with our budget last night I’m not a bit scared of the future. 

With the excess amount we’re having to spend on gas has taken away a huge chunk of the little income we have.  Hubby’s unemployment will be running out very soon.  We’re lucky he was able to get an extension that has lasted this long.  If he isn’t able to find a job (the way things have been going I’m not very hopeful) we’ll be left with the little bit of income I have…and it’s definitely no where near enough to pay the bills.  What I make in one month usually covers the car payment, car insurance, and a few household items we need.

Every time I mention the rise in gas prices to someone I’m met with the argument that I should get car that gets better gas mileage.  I can’t exactly do that if we can’t afford to buy another car.  The other thing I hear is that we should cut down on how much we drive the car. We’ve tried to do that.  Hubby is now taking the motorcycle as much as he can when he’s out job searching, but it’s not possible for us to use the bike for everything.  Before we had the baby we only drove the car when we had to get groceries or it was raining and/or way too cold with our cold weather gear on.  That’s not an option anymore, so now I have to figure out how to keep the bills paid and provide enough extra money to cover the rising cost of gas.

I’m going to start making jewelry again in the hopes that I can sell a few pieces for a bit of extra cash.  It’s just so hard to find time to sit down and work on pieces with the little one running around.  I’m thinking about hitting up the flea market on Wednesday to see if I can sell a few things we don’t need anymore, too.  I’ve been going through my extra craft supplies today pulling out things I can get rid of.  The last time I sold at the flea market craft supplies sold well, and why do I really need 4 different sets of scales anyway? I didn't even realize I had 4 sets stuck in my craft cabinet because I mainly use my kitchen scales when I need to weigh something.

I’m also making up some more business cards right now, and I’m going to sprinkle them around town at various places this week.  I’m thankful that this small town contains many businesses who will allow you to leave a stack of business cards on their counter, and I’ve gained quite a few computer repair jobs from my business cards.  I think it’s time to replenish the town with my cards!

Hopefully I’ll be able to pull in a little extra income off that because we’ve got to do something.  Time is running out, and job searching hasn’t gone well for either of us.  There just isn’t much out there in our area right now.  Heck, even McDonalds is out of the question since it shut down and won’t be open again until the remodel is complete in May!

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