On The Job Hunt Train

We’re both doing the job hunt thing again today.  I’m hunting online as usual while Hubby is off at a job interview.  He normally doesn’t have interviews on Saturday, but this particular guy keeps rescheduling the interview.  He runs his construction business on site during the week, and he’s been too busy to do a weekday interview.  Considering the construction industry has so few jobs available right now Hubby was more than willing to do a Saturday interview.  Heck I’m excited because he finally got another interview. 

Like I said the construction industry is still hurting horribly around here, and he’s had a hard enough time searching for jobs much less getting an interview.  Whenever I help him go through job listings online we've had a hard time finding anything in the skilled trade sections that aren't engineer jobs. With such a large number of construction works unemployed right now the few construction jobs that pop up are filled really quickly.  There have been a few times a job was posted on the job board that morning, and it was already filled by the time we found it and Hubby called about it that afternoon. 

Right now we’d both be happy for either of us to find a job that will keep the bills paid.  We’re thankful for the small amount of income I do make, and as much as I hate having to spend our tax money to keep us afloat we’re really thankful for that, too.  I had hoped to be able to put all of it into Ellie’s college fund, but that’s just not an option this year.  She needs power, water, and food, and that comes first!

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