Pizza Pie

I hate this time of the month.  Yep, it’s that time of the month when I feel like crap, feel super fat, and my face looks like I dumped my head in 10lbs of grease then let it soak in until I exploded with pimples.  I’m so tired of having such horrible adult acne, especially during my period.  No amount of makeup could cover this mess, and if I even tried to use make up right now I’d probably just make my face breakout even worse.

I’ve been sitting here reading a proactive review wondering if I should give it another shot. I used the stuff briefly when I was a teenager, but I stopped because it didn't help me. In fact it only made my face dry up and break out worse.  I know the formula has changed since then (that was 10 years ago), so I’m wondering if I should get it another shot.  At this point I don’t have much to lose.

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