Gift Card With Stipulations

My dear best friend gave me a Visa gift card for Christmas, but it came with a stipulation.  I was not allowed to use it to buy anything for the little one or for Hubby.  I guess she knows me very well because that’s probably exactly what I would have done!  She told me to spend it on myself, buy something I’ve been wanting that I’ve put off getting because of finances, and I am to show it to her whenever I get it.

Tonight I finally decided on what to buy.  See, my wedding band set is gold.  I don’t wear it much because I just don’t wear that much jewelry, my fingers got too fat for it during pregnancy and it just now fits again, and I just don’t wear much gold when I do wear jewelry.  I prefer silver, but we were young and broke when we got married, and I needed to find a pretty ring on the cheap.  I would have been perfectly fine with a Cubic Zirconia ring with a silver band because I just don't buy into the whole must have a real diamond that costs a lot of money thing, but Hubby insisted I pick out a diamond.

So, tonight I looked at a few CZ wedding sets, and I picked out one I really like. I’m going to use my gift card to buy it for myself, and I’ll now have a ring to wear with the rest of my silver jewelry.  I have a feeling having this ring will make me feel like wearing my jewelry more often.  When I choose not to wear other jewelry or choose to wear gold I’ll still wear my real wedding set, but I can’t wait to have this one, too!

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