Still Falling Apart

It’s been a couple days since I posted about how fed up I am with stuff falling apart in this house, and I haven’t changed my mind.  Hubby and I have decided we absolutely have to redo the bathroom when we can afford it which thanks to more recent bad news about his job situation will be a much longer time period.

Anyways tonight I had yet another thing break on me in the bathroom.  This time it’s the shower head.  When out good shower head broke we had to settle for a crappy one that we could afford at the time, and I’ve hated it from day one.  It’s one big round types that rains down, but the center is a removable shower wand.  You’re supposed to be able to choose whether you want the water to come out of the main head, the wand, or both, but it never worked that way for us.  We get great pressure out of the wand, and little to no pressure from the main head.  Well tonight the little lever that sends water to the wand broke, and now we only get a crappy drizzle out of it, and hardly anything out of the main head.

I’m so ready to rip this bathroom out down to the subfloor and framing replacing everything!  I wish served more than just the UK. If I could order from them I'd be so tempted to max out the one credit card I have left to order almost everything I need to fix my horrible bathroom.  When I stumbled on the site I took a few minutes to search through what they had for ideas of things I could possibly order locally when I have the cash, and I fell in love with the Halo Bath Shower Mixer.  The site has some really great modern faucets as well as some modern bathroom suites that I really love.

Tomorrow I’m going to pick up another cheap and most likely crappy shower head to hold us over for now, but as soon as I can afford to do so I’m going to finally order one that I really really love.

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