I Need These Rain Boots

If you’re one of the few people (hint hint Daddy) who purchases a Christmas gift for me that’s a little more pricey I have a wish list item for you!  I totally need this pair of kamik rain boots! I admit I probably wouldn't wear them in the rain, but they would be perfect for the snow as well as for those times when I have to trudge around the pasture when it’s muddy and nasty.  Just because I’m walking around in muddy cow poop doesn’t mean I can’t do it in style! 

The best part is when I’m done at the pasture I could just hose them off because it always seems that I have somewhere important to be and end up having to carry an extra pair of shoes with me.  With these I could wash them off and go on about my business.  Yes, I definitely need a pair of these!

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