Fisher Price Bounce & Giggle Elephant Review

Bounce & Giggle - ElephantIf you're looking for a few toys for your infant from Santa this year leave the Fisher Price Bounce & Giggle Elephant off your list!  This is one toy I do not recommend, and I have plenty of reasons why.

First of all we received this toy as a gift for Elliana when she was 6 months old.  When I saw it I thought she would absolutely love it, but she didn't want anything to do with it.  I activated it, sat it on the floor in front of her, and she watched it for all of 30 seconds before it bored her, and she moved on to another toy.

I wondered if maybe she was just too young for this toy, so I tried reintroducing it to her many times over the next 6 months without any luck.  Now that she's big enough to pick it up and toss it, that's exactly what she does.  Sometimes she'll see me coming with it, and she'll bat it away the second I get it near her.

I thought maybe it was just my daughter who doesn't like it, so I offered it to our friend's son who is 6 months older than Elliana and my nephew who is now 5 months old.  Neither of them want anything to do with the Bounce & Giggle Elephant.

Why is this?  I think it has to do with a few different "problems" I've found with the toy.  First of all it's not really interesting at all.  The bouncing and giggling is cute, but it just doesn't do enough to keep the baby entertained.  The toy is also much heavier than I would expect a toy for this age range to be.  My daughter had a very hard time picking it up until recently, and when she was able to do so it only became a moving target as she tossed it across the room.  I honestly believe the weight of the thing could cause a baby to hurt itself as it definitely hurt when I dropped the toy on my own foot.

Also, this toy is very hard to activate.  The baby is supposed to activate the toy by squeezing or pushing the nose.  It takes my husband or me practically beating the thing on the floor to get it to turn on even with a fresh set of batteries.  There is no possible way a baby could activate it without someone to help.

The music, bouncing, and giggling only lasts for maybe 5-10 seconds, and then you have to activate it all over again.  You have to continuously activate the toy to keep the baby entertained with it if the baby is even interested in it to begin with.  The two ears are supposed to work as teethers, but our daughter was never interested in them.  She wants to chew on something she can hold, and as I've already stated this isn't something she could hold at all. 

Overall I think the Bounce & Giggle Elephant is a huge waste of money.  It isn't very interesting, in fact I feel like it was down right boring to her.  There are many toys out there in the same price range with plenty of features to keep my daughter entertained, but this just isn't one of them.  Ours has become a dust collector as it continuously sits in the toy box unused.

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