Sweet Dreams On Sweet Sheets

Even though I can’t really afford to buy anything right now that we don’t really need that doesn’t mean I can’t go “shopping” online.  I love to window shop online when I’m feeling down, bored, or just in the mood to find some cool new stuff. 

I washed my favorite set of sheets today, and when I pulled them out of the dryer I noticed they are starting to become so worn out from so much use that there are some really thin spots that will turn to holes soon if I’m not careful.  That got me in the mood to do a little online window shopping for some new sheets. 

I absolutely love the Nocturne by Matouk bedding I found. Matouk makes a ton of bedding that I really love to look at even if I can't afford to buy anything right now. A girl can always dream! I guess for now I'll settle with my plain old sheets, and I'll pack my favorite set up so I don't wear them out anymore. Next time I buy a new favorite I'm going to buy multiples so I don't have this problem again!

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