Needing More Sweaters

Last night we took the baby to see the fireworks at Oktoberfest, and as we were getting ready to go I realized something.  Now that it’s getting colder out at night I seriously need to invest in some new sweaters. When I was pregnant I got rid of a lot of clothes, mostly winter clothes, because I didn't want to keep a bunch of clothes in my closet that I couldn't fit into. I didn't want to be one of those people who saves their clothes hoping they'll fit back into them one day even though their body has changed.  Everyone kept telling me I’d never get back to my pre-baby weight because I would always have a few extra pounds that I couldn’t shed.

A year later I’m wishing I hadn’t packed all those clothes up for charity.  I’m happy I was able to supply those clothes to someone in need, but I’m pretty much back and my pre-baby weight now with hardly any cold weather clothes left to wear.  Last night I dug out one of the few sweaters I still have to wear, and it did the job.  Thank goodness I didn’t need any winter clothes today, though.  For it to be so cold last night today’s high is 81, and I about burnt up in a tshirt and jeans as I pushed the baby stroller around Oktoberfest today!

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