So Jealous

Some days I wish I had the talent to design and decorate some of the gorgeous houses Hubby sees.  He met up with his boss today to go over an addition to one of the homes they build last year, and he showed me photos.  The house could absolutely be my dream home.  It is a huge log cabin on the outside, but on the inside they have everything I could only dream of having. 

I’m so jealous of their home theater furniture.  I’m jealous that they even have a home theater, but being that these people are Clemson alumni they have their entire home theater done in Clemson orange and purple.  The furniture is faux fur in a tiger print, and they look like the most comfortable chairs ever.  I’d love to be able to sit in that theater for one game.  It’s a shame they probably don’t even watch the games there as they have a box for all Clemson home games, and I know they travel to most away games, too.  I bet they hardly even use the theater.

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