Running In Circles Today

What a day today has been!  In the course of just a few hours I spent an hour running back and forth between government offices because I was sent to the wrong one 5 different times.  On the way home the truck started making a funky noise anytime I’d go over 30.  Then I took a right turn and the noise went away.  Just great!  I know exactly what causes that, so I called Hubby and told him the driver’s side wheel bearing is going out.  He had me stop by the parts store to grab it which I’m so happy they had in stock.  That’s just more money we really don’t need to have to spend right now. 

Then I came home to find the baby with a busted lip.  She ran into a wall while walking around with a toy in her mouth.  Then Hubby yelled at me about said busted lip because it’s apparently all my fault she got hurt even though she was spending the day with my Grandma.  As soon as we got home I walked in the door and tripped over another toy that was in the floor.  Now my toe is all black and blue. 

Now I have to finish cleaning the kitchen and cook dinner while the baby is napping so I can run to my Dad’s house to pay him back for a cash advance he graciously loaned me for a bill that was due before either of us had funds coming in. Then I have to come back home and finally take the time to take down all Elliana's birthday balloons and decorations that are still all around the living room. I've been going nonstop and just haven't had time to take them down yet, but at least I don't feel too bad as her birthday was yesterday.

At least I’ve got so much going on today that I haven’t had time to freak out over my baby being a one year old now!

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