How I Use Coupons

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In my last post I mentioned that I'm not a big fan of using coupons on grocery items.  I don't want you to think I don't like using coupons at all because I do love using coupons.  I use them in most of my everyday non-grocery item purchases, especially when it comes to buying big ticket items and shopping online.

I love using websites like to find coupons for the items I'm purchasing online, and I've learned never to make a purchase without at least taking a minute or two (and yes that's really all it takes) to do a quick search for coupons at each online store.

For example, I've used plenty of HP coupons to purchase ink, paper, and other printer supplies.  You may even be surprised by some of the stores that do offer coupons for discounts or free shipping, especially some of the big names in electronics.  Did you know you can even get Sony coupons?  I never order anything without seeing if there's a free shipping coupon or coupon code hanging around the internet.  Coupons are so easy to find these days that it's almost impossible to NOT save money!

The next time you're shopping don't forget to do a simple coupon code search before you checkout.  You never know how much you'll end up saving!

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