Safety 1st Replacing My Broken Monitor

Last month I posted a review on the Safety 1st Glow & Go Monitor.  I loved the monitor when I purchased it, but as you can read in my updated review it died after only a very short time of use.  I was highly disappointed with this as I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Safety 1st products until this instance.

I had already returned our old monitor to my Mom, and we needed another monitor to use with the baby, so I ran out to Walmart and purchased another Glow & Go Monitor.  I plugged it in as soon as I returned home, and nothing happened.  It was also a dead unit.  I was not pleased at all, and I immediately packed up the unit and returned it to the store.  I chose to receive a store credit instead of exchanging it for yet another possibly dead monitor.

When I returned home I sent a note into Safety 1st’s product support about the problem.

I purchased a Safety 1st Glow & Go monitor at the end of February of 2010. After using the monitor for a little less than 2 months the speaker died today in the parent unit. I'm highly disappointed in this as I've had nothing but great things to say out of all the other Safety 1st products I've purchased. I no longer had the packaging or receipt to return the product, so I purchased another monitor today. Unfortunately the parent unit was busted right out of the box, same problem with the speaker not working, so I returned it. Is this a common problem with the Glow & Go monitor, and is there an option to purchase the parent unit only? I love Safety 1st products, but after this experience I'm afraid to purchase another Safety 1st monitor, afraid I'll end up with yet another unit that is dead out of the box or dies shortly afterwards.

I sent the letter to customer service on April 22, and after not hearing from them after a few days I had pretty much given up and was thinking I was going to have to find another monitor brand to try. I moved Elliana back into the pack n play in our bedroom at night until I could find one I liked.  For me finding another monitor I like is equivalent to trying to find a weight loss product I actually want to use. There are so many options that I become overwhelmed and don't know which one to choose. I was happy with my first choice, and I was bummed when it quit working.

Today I was surprised to see a find an email in my inbox from Safety 1st.

Thank you for contacting Dorel Juvenile Group Consumer Relations.  We apologize for any delay in answering your email.

We are sorry to hear about the issues that you are having with your 08022 monitor, we are not aware of this being a common issue.  Unfortunately the parent unit itself is not a replaceable part.    What we can do for you though is send you out a Proof of Destruction letter, this letter would ask for you to cut the heavy ends off of the adapter cord and to send back just the cord itself for a replacement 08091 Glow and Go monitor.

I’m very happy they are willing to do this, and I look forward to receiving the newer model.  I would have purchased the newer model in the first place if my local Walmart would sell it, but it seems like the monitors on the shelf are still the outdated model. 

Never hesitate to contact a company if their product doesn’t meet your expectations.  Safety 1st has shown me they are willing to meet their customer’s needs by replacing a product that should have lasted much longer than it did.

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