Major House Shopping

I was just sitting here thinking about how I’m about to do some major shopping.  Normally when I’m about to make a major purchase it’s something from the electronics section, but not this time. I think we took care of those purchases back at Christmas.

This time I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I just couldn’t afford until now.  I’m finally getting my hardwood floors, new tile around the woodstove, and tiled countertops.  I’m finally getting a new stove to replace our old one that died way too many months ago, and I’m getting a new kitchen sink.  I’m so super excited. 

Honestly in the past the thought of doing something big like hardwood floors made me worry a little.  I think about the mess it’s going to make, how much time it’s going to take, and all that.  This time I keep thinking about how awesome it’s going to be when Elliana starts crawling around on the new floors instead of the old 70s linoleum that plagues our entire house.  I find myself visiting Lowe’s multiple times in one weekend then coming home only to get online to look at more stuff on their website.  Who knew shopping for tile and sinks could be so much fun?

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