Another Good Day

What a improvement today has been! For starters the little one slept through the night all night yet again last night. She still pulled her "go to bed at 8pm, wake up at 11pm, and stay up until 2am" trick, but she woke up at 8am this morning and stayed up for awhile. That's a major improvement because normally she wants to sleep until 11am just waking up long enough to eat no matter how hard I try to keep her awake.


The rest of the day was even better because she actually let me get a good bit of work done. I worked on my netbook while she played. Since our floor isn't very insulated in this old house I opt to put her floor gym mat thing on the bed with me. I trust letting her play on it on the bed as long as I'm there with her within arm's reach. After playtime she had a nap, and that's when I realized how bored I was. I'm not used to having all that free time on my hands because she tends to fight naptime. It seems like anytime I want to get anything done at all she wakes up, but lately she's started to maybe grow out of that and create a schedule. At least I hope that's what she's doing.


After naptime we decided to go outside for a bit since it was such a pretty day. I strapped her in her Snugli again, and we walked around the yard for a few minutes before we ventured next door to my Grandparents. I'm going to make it a point to take her over there at least a couple days a week because their faces light up so much when they see us coming through the door.


My grandpa is always making comments about how he knows his time with her is short, so I want to give him as much time with her as possible. She's got a bouncy seat up there, so he put her in it and sat in front of her making faces and playing with her for a good hour while I chilled out with my Grandma. I helped my grandma refill her blood pressure meds online, and we talked about how she needs to talk to her doctor about looking into a few other arthritis treatments because the regimen he's got her on isn't working at all. She didn't even want to refill her arthritis meds because she said they don't help her at all, so why waste money on it.


I enjoy spending time with them, and I know my time with them is short, too, so I'm blessed to have the opportunity to hang out with them everyday if I want to. I'm taking advantage of every minute my little girl and I have with them because my Grandparents are extremely special to me. They've done so much for me, and I could never repay them for it.

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