New FTC Regulations For Bloggers

As most of you have probably already read, as of December 1 the Federal Trade Commission is changing the rules regarding how bloggers write product reviews.  The change is simple, and it's a very easy one to follow.  It's a change I also agree with, and it has been in the works for months.  All bloggers must clearly disclose when they are given a free item and/or paid to review other words bloggers must fully disclose all product endorsements.

I have always tried to disclose when I'm reviewing a product that has been given to me or that I was paid to review.  Luckily as far as this blog is concerned I can't really say I've had too many advertisers offer me products to review, and I have disclosed the ones that were given to me.

I just wanted to make it clear that yes I do write quite a few product reviews on this blog, and a majority of the time I am reviewing a product that was either purchased by me or given to me by a friend or family member as a gift.  If a company offers to give me a product to review or offers to pay me to review a product I will honestly disclose that within the post.  I also refuse to endorse a product or service that I don't personally like.  I will always be honest in my reviews no matter how I received the product, and if advertisers don't like that they should know not to send me the product in the first place!

I will still maintain a site wide disclosure as far as all other advertising is concerned.  You do see links spread throughout some of my posts across all of my blogs that may link to products or services.  I am not endorsing these products.  I am only allowing links to be inserted into my posts, so these links will remain just as they are, and my site wide disclosure policy will continue to address that.

If you have any questions or concerns you are more than welcome to contact me by leaving a comment, and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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