Last Minute Stresses

Knowing we’re in “any day now” mode for the arrival of the baby really has me freaking out lately.  Hubby is a lot calmer about it than I am, and that can be considered good or bad depending on the hour of the day and my current mood.  One minute I feel like he has everything under control, but the next I feel like he’s waiting too long…procrastinating past our limit.  I feel like he doesn’t understand that she really could arrive any day now, and we’re not guaranteed to have until November 26th to finish everything. My acne treatment really is having a hard time concealing my stresses at this point.

We still have a ton of stuff to do around the house, but that’s the least of my worries.  What’s getting me today is the amount of stuff we still have left to buy for the baby.  We still need a car seat, crib mattress, and bassinet just to name a few.  As you can see we’re down to the “big stuff”.  Sure I still have a baby shower coming up in a couple weeks, but I’m not counting on people to buy the big stuff.  I shouldn’t expect them to, and I feel like waiting to buy these things just incase someone else does is going to put us scrambling to get the things we need at the last minute.

Ahhh the joys…and stresses…of motherhood!  She’s not even here yet, and I’m already discovering what the rest of my life is going to be like.  With her new beginning comes a new life for me as well full of emotions I never knew existed.

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