Lots Of Products On The Way

I've been working on a few reviews, and hopefully tonight I'll have time to get the ones I've written up typed up. I tend to write my reviews on a notepad as I'm sampling each product so I don't lose my train of thought and totally forget what it was I wanted to say about each item. Right now my notepad is busting with reviews on a ton of new stuff I've received over the last week, and I'm so excited that I have this stuff to share.

Also my sister is on a mission to lose some weight, so she offered to write up a few guest posts on the best diet pills she's tried. Maybe she'll share some info that will not only be useful to my readers but also to me in the months when I'll be trying to drop this baby weight!

I was starting to worry there for a bit because all my favorite bath and body e-tailers were either going out of business or taking a break. I stopped purchasing the Lemming Central boxes for awhile, and just when I decided to start buying them again I found out the boxes are coming to an end. I did purchase the last box, and luckily I've found some new favorites I can't wait to tell you about out of that box!

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