What Smells So Good?

I know I've raved many many times about how much I love Things That Make Scents. I would order from the site all the time if I could afford to, but I do normally put in a large order when I can save up the cash to do so. I lucked up last month and grabbed myself a $5 off discount for filling out a survey, so I definitely took advantage of it and did some shopping.

I didn't place a super large order this time. I just picked up a couple soy tart cups in Clothesline and Bamboo Garden and a 7oz Soy Jar Candle in Green Tea & Cucumber. I had planned to stop there, but then I spotted the super adorable Soy Cupcake Candles. Not only did they look so yummy I wanted to reach through the screen to eat one, but they were on sale! Of course I wasn't turning that down, so I ordered one in one of my favorite alcoholic scents, Bailey's Irish Cream. The way I see it is just because I'm pregnant and can't enjoy any Bailey's doesn't mean I can't enjoy the scent flowing through my kitchen!

I received my order right before we left for vacation, and I immediately placed the Bailey's cupcake on a shelf in my kitchen. Hubby came home wanting to know what I was baking that smelled so good. Seriously, it smells amazing. If these were real cupcakes I'd totally be reading Fenphedra reviews and going on a diet from eating so many!

Oh, and these are no small cupcakes, and I think they are well worth $4.99 each. I've paid way more than that for cupcakes much smaller with no where near as much of a cold scent throw. Here's a comparison of the cupcake candle next to the 7 oz jar candle I ordered.

Things That Make Scents Order May '09

So the next time you're looking for a really cute candle with awesome scent choices and a really great scent throw remember these cupcakes from Things That Make Scents. I definitely wasn't disappointed, and I'll be ordering quite a few of these suckers as birthday gifts.

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