Commercial Rant

Here lately I've noticed the more opportunities I have to watch tv the less I actually watch. That's partly because we have DVR, so I know I can watch my favorite shows when I'm in the mood instead of when they're actually on. The other big part of it is I'm tired of the commercials that take advantage of the sick and elderly.

For example you've got the mesothelioma commercials that really drive me crazy. Diseases like this are no joke, but you've got all these heartless lawyers doing anything to make a buck off these innocent people who could really use the cash they could gain from the class action lawsuits...if the lawyers didn't take it all. Sure the lawyers are making it seem like they really want to stick it to the companies who caused the people to suffer, but the reality is they just want to make as much cash as they can, and they don't care how much of a cut the sick people will actually get. Most of the innocent people will be lucky if they can afford a burger after the lawsuit much less pay off their hospital bills.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes there are lawyers and class action suites out there actually trying to help the people who deserve it because they actually care, but most of these loser lawyers on tv make me sick. If i were looking to enter anything class action I'd totally ask a million questions about the lawyers, and I definitely wouldn't be teaming up with anyone running commercials over and over trying to take advantage of my situation. It disgusts me.

Ok I'm done ranting. I just had to get that out.

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