Back Pains

Right now I'm really wishing I had a sleep number bed because I can almost bet you my back wouldn't feel half as crappy as it does right now. I swear it feels like Hubby decided to sleep with his knee dug into the center of my lower back all night.

I woke up late this morning around 10am, and I popped a couple Tylenol since that's really one of the only things I can take right now. Of course the Tylenol never kicked in, and after moving around for a few hours my lower back is on fire. I'm being a whiny brat about it just because Hubby isn't home today to massage it. He ended up having to work through the holiday. I'll whine a little more when he gets home, and maybe I will end up with a nice back massage!


ConnieFoggles said...

Have you tried one of those body pillows to sleep with? I started using them when I was pregnant and still use one now.

Jenn said...

I've got a regular body pillow, but I want to get one of the wedge pregnancy pillows. My friend had one and swears it's the best thing she ever bought.