Oh Baby

We've definitely had a lot going on over the last couple of weeks. I've been running my legs off, well at least I was until I received some news that I need to slow down. I don't mean I need to bring my life to a dead halt, but I decided it's time to start prioritizing things and making time for myself...now that we've found out we're expecting our first child.

Yep, we're both seriously happy even though we weren't exactly expecting this right now. We don't have insurance, so we'll be paying for this out of pocket. It's definitely going to be a change in our lives. Before anyone suggests we check out the government programs for women and children in our area, we've already done so. We fall into the in between category. We don't make enough to afford our own private insurance, but we make too much to qualify for any of the government programs. I'm not worried about it though. I'll pay for things however I need to.

Anywho, maybe let that be a reminder to any of you who don't have insurance. Search around for insurance online because you may be lucky enough to find something you can afford.

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