No Religious Material

Every year I have a very hard time coming up with a birthday present for my mom because she already has way more junk than she needs. She hoards collects teapots and tea sets, but she already has 3 china cabinets stuffed full of them. This year I refuse to buy her yet another tea set.

A couple months ago she mentioned she's hooked on a series of Christian books she started reading awhile back, but just my luck I can't remember what series she was talking about. I decided it might be a good idea to get her a few books Christian books that she might like anyway, so I tried to snoop tonight to find out some of her favorite authors. Of course that got me nowhere because she apparently trades all her books with her best friend once she reads them, and she can't seem to remember any of the author's names. That's typical of her, so I should have expected it.

Since her birthday is Monday I decided I'd take a trip to town to visit the Christian bookstore where I'd just pick out what I thought she might like. We got there only to find that particular bookstore has just gone out of business. It figures. I haven't been there in years, so I wasn't even sure it was still there anyway.

My next option was to hit up another local bookstore in town, and I was shocked to find the second bookstore doesn't carry any type of books or material that have anything to do with religion...any religion not just Christianity. Honestly I was kind of shocked by that. I've never been in a bookstore that didn't have something for everyone...except maybe pornographic type stuff.

Oh well I guess this weekend I'll take a trip to the mall. I know there's a huge bookstore there that should have something she'll like, and in the meantime I can spend some time on paperbackswap reading a few reviews. I'd use my points to order some used books for her, but I know they definitely wouldn't get here in time.

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