Frozen Solid

Oh my goodness it's freezing this morning! Hubby's building up a nice fire in the wood stove while I sit here under a blanket freezing waiting for the warmth to hit. When we woke up this morning it was 18 in the house. Luckily we have a small floor heater we use in the bedroom before we go to bed, and it heats the room up enough to keep it warm for all of us at night, pets included.

I was going to take a shower first thing this morning since I have a new soap I want to review, but we'll have to wait just a bit for the house to warm up before I even attempt a shower.

All this warm weather we were having has already spoiled me, so when yesterday brought snow and freezing temps again I totally wasn't ready. We didn't get any snow here, and that's just weird. Normally when we get snow around here the mountains where I live get pummeled while the rest of the county only sees a bit. This time the mountains didn't get any while the rest of the state got hit hard.

My dad apparently hadn't been watching the news because he called me yesterday morning wanting to know if I wanted to go to the Monday morning wholesale auctions with him a couple counties over. Little did he know they'd just received 10 inches of snow, and everything was shut down including the roads into the place. Yeah I know 10 inches isn't a lot for most of you, but for us it's astronomical.

Maybe we'll get to go next Monday because I've really wanted to check the place out. My farmer dad goes to the wholesale auctions in the morning and the cattle auctions in the afternoon, and I've seen some of the stuff he's picked up at the wholesale auctions. Any bulk pallets of computer parts I could pick up would seriously help my business, so maybe I'll get a chance to go check them out next week.

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