I am so ready to throw this computer out the window. Nothing is going right for me tonight. The backup hard drive is throwing errors left and right meaning it's probably on the verge of dieing. I finally had to unplug it and run a manual backup to cd tonight. That took over 2 hours to do, but at least I'm not getting blue screened every little bit. My system also overheated and shut down on me twice because the fan on the video card is slowly dieing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I have to open up the case and give it a spin when it doesn't want to work.

At least this isn't my computer. This is Hubby's pc, and I've been planning to upgrade it for awhile now. I almost ordered him a video card for Christmas, but I'm glad I didn't. The one he wants is over $200 (although it's a damn good card), but cash is going to be tight this week with him only working 4 days. What I do have to get is a new power supply. I killed yet another one tonight. For some reason when I'm pissed off I seem to send out a ton of extra static energy, and anything I touch gets zapped be it light bulbs or the psu. Thank god it's only the psu. Unfortunately all the backup psu's I have around here are 20 pin and I need another 24pin for my business pc. Until then I'm stuck on this one.

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