Thinning Out My Collections

I recently decided it was time to clean out some of the clutter in my house, and I've got a ton of stuff to list on Ebay. I've already priced a few items, but I've got a whole collection of Strawberry Shortcake stuff, and I just don't know how to price it. For starters, it's hard for me to look at the original Strawberry Shortcake and think "vintage". I guess there's a part of me that doesn't want to come to terms with the fact that my childhood was so long ago. I mean, my 16 year old little cousin didn't know who Rainbow Brite is, and that was a total shock to me!

Anywho, how in the world do I figure out how to price items that seem priceless to me? It's not that I want to get rid of this stuff, but it's something I need to do for the sake of my home. I've become a collector of way too many things, and it's time to let them move on to another home where they will be appreciated. Now my problem is figuring out how much something is worth. Of course the first thing I do is search online to see what I can find, but I have a few items that I can't find anywhere online. I've checked out Ebay, other auction listings, message boards, etc, and I still have two main items that I can't find anywhere. Both are in mint condition, so how do I figure out how to price them?

This is why I never get around to listing much on Ebay or anywhere else for that matter. I'm always afraid I'll list it way too high and no one will buy, or I'll list it way too low and get ripped off.

A part of me feels bad that I can build computers all day, work with complicated programs, and teach businesses how to use corporate performance management products and software, but I can't do something as simple as listing my collectibles on Ebay without getting frustrated.


Connie said...

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Happy Selling!

Lisa said...

I pack all of my old-school collectibles up in Rubbermaid containers and store 'em away. No way am I getting rid of any of it.

Try Craigslist. You might have better luck hocking things there, plus, you won't have to pay auction fees.