Bad Lighting

I'm sorry to say I didn't get the photos taken and edited today to write up my reviews of the incense. I had fully intended on it, but I got caught up in doing a ton of other stuff. We cleaned the chimney so we could build our first fire of the season tonight. Then I went shopping for groceries and a few other things. I got caught up in working and doing laundry when I got home, and I completely forgot about taking photos.

With it being well past dark, I just don't have any good lighting to use to stage the photos. The lighting in this house totally sucks, and it's pretty much useless to try to take photos after dark unless I want them all to turn out dark as well. I used to have a table lamp in the living room that created the perfect photo lighting, but Alley knocked it off the table awhile back shattering it beyond repair. I really should get another one. Heck we just need to change out all the old fixtures in this house for better ones. I just never set aside the cash to do it because I'm busy buying other things.

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