Planning For The Birthdays

My birthday isn't until November, but I'm talking to a friend right now already planning my party. You may be asking a few questions like why is she planning her own party? Why is she planning the party now when November is so far away?

Well this year we decided to combine a bunch of birthdays into one party because so many of our friends have November birthdays. Heck my two best friends are my sister-in-law Sam, and then my other BFF, Alli. Sam's bday is the 4th and Alli's is the 26th. Mine falls somewhere in the middle, plus there are about 15 others I can think of that fall between those dates.

Throwing one big party together means not only can we all celebrate, but it'll be cheaper. Besides there have been plenty of years where I've gotten burnt out on parties by the 3rd or 4th one I've had to attend in a 2 week period.

We decided we'd go all out. We're renting out a small local club for the night, hiring a dj, and having food catered in. With so many people offering to participate we can actually afford to do that, but it's going to take some time to plan.

One of my friends is an awesome DJ out west, so he offered to dj our party if we pay for his plane ticket. I'm not telling you who he is, but I will tell you that's a steal compared to what he normally charges. Now I just have to look at flight deals to see exactly what it's going to cost us. I'm pretty sure I can find tickets for a decent price. I won't have to worry about a hotel or rental car because he's going to stay with us.

We've assigned everyone participating a task to do. I'll take care of the DJ and the venue. Another friend is looking into catering and so on. I think this is one group project we might actually be able to pull off!

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