Startup Schwag Bag # 10

What's in ze bag?

I gave a hint yesterday about what I received in my schwag bag when I posted on a photo of one of the shirts I received on Everyday Randomness, but I've been so busy this week I just haven't had a chance to get a post up!

The truth is I was so busy I didn't check my mail for 2 days. My schwag bag may have arrived Monday or it could have been Tuesday, but I didn't get a chance to check the mail until Wednesday morning. I probably wouldn't have grabbed it then if I hadn't noticed my mailbox was so full the door was hanging open!

I was pleasantly surprised to see two t-shirts in the bag this month, although I think one of them won't be worn around my mother. That would be the Zivity, but I know there are others, like my mother, who don't agree. She'll have a big enough problem with the fact that the shirt says "It's not porn". The word "porn" would set her off. I on the other hand think the shirt is very catchy, and I'll be rocking it like crazy.

I like the idea of Zivity, but maybe that's because I greatly appreciate pin-up style art and nude artwork that shows the beauty of a woman's body apposed to porn type photos. I use a lot of nude artwork and pinup style artwork in the website designs I do, which is mainly why you never see my design work on my actual sites.

Zivity is in beta stages right now, and accounts are only available to a limited number of photographers and women who would like to "model" on the site. Any woman can choose to find a photographer she would like to work with, take photos in the way she feels comfortable, and post them on the site to earn money...which you can read about on the site.

The site has strict guidelines for the photography, and they do allow nude photography but only if it follows their guidelines. The concept is to show the beauty of all women, not just stick thin models. I also like the fact that Zivity will be a subscription service once it's fully launched, and no photos are available without the subscription. That also helps to keep prying underage eyes from viewing things they shouldn't.

The other shirt found in my bag this month is a Plurk shirt! I've slowly started to make the transition from Twitter to Plurk. I prefer Plurk, but I was having trouble reminding myself to stop by the site to post since there isn't an external program or browser plugin. My problems were solved when I did find a small Firefox extension that puts Plurk in your sidebar. If you're looking for a way to interact with your friends online or time line your life without all the problems of Twitter try Plurk! If you're interested you can add me as a friend!

I do promise to post photos of me actually wearing the shirts at a later time. I just don't look anywhere near decent enough for photos this morning. After a shower and some makeup I'll reconsider.

Last but not least there was the handful of typical stickers for various companies thrown in the bag.

This month's stick assortment consisted of Armor Games, Magnify, Nimbuzz!, PriceAdvance, and Zilok. Now your mission is to check out the one's you've never heard of to see which of these services might be useful to you. I'll definitely be checking out Nimbuzz!.

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