Guitar Hero Aerosmith Edition

Yep, when we went to Walmart that one thing we argued over was a new game. I finally gave in and let Hubby buy Guitar Hero Aerosmith Edition. I went back and forth about buying this one because I've been reading reviews.

A lot of gamers have called this a crappy attempt at a new version that should have been an expansion pack to Guitar Hero III. I kind of agree. There are a little over 40 songs, most of which are Aerosmith songs, but a lot of my favorites were left out.

Being that Hubby and I are both huge Aerosmith fans the game is still good for us though. Not only do we now have to opportunity to play a few of our favorites, but we're also expanding our Guitar Hero choices. We're not stuck with the same old songs over and over again. This brought something fresh to our gaming experience.

If you're looking for new features, the game totally doesn't have any. I wasn't, so I'm not disappointed in that area. I've also seen a lot of people complaining about the price of the game considering it is shorter than all of the other Guitar Hero games. We picked up the special edition bundle (the only one in stock) for $99.99.

That wasn't too bad for us for the simple fact that we grabbed the PS2 version, and we didn't have any controllers. Hubby wants to be able to play it with his dad, and he hates having to lug the XBOX 360 to his parents house every time he wants to play. Now he can just throw the guitars and the game in the truck and go. The special edition came with two guitars which aren't cheap, so that justified our purchase. Unless you want to go about following the tutorial on how to make your own PS2 Guitar Hero controller, you're going to spend $30-50 for each guitar separately.

As for the game, there are a few extras that don't involve game play that are worth it for the avid Aerosmith fan. There are band interview videos, although they are few and far between. Even though the characters and guitars are identical to those in Guitar Hero III, you now have the option to play as members of Aerosmith and with their own collections of guitars. I give them props for making sure both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry look as much like their characters as possible. Steven Tyler's signature lips are over emphasized in many of the cartoon images, and it was kind of fun to laugh at.

Overall I'm still not very impressed with the game. It's targeted for die hard fans of Aerosmith or die hard fans of Guitar Hero. Hubby and I kind of fall into both categories, so we can still enjoy playing the game although the difficulty level is seriously lacking. Even though neither of us are medium players, we both made it through half the set list on Expert with no problems.

Overall I give this game 3 1/2 stars. If you're an Aerosmith fan you'll appreciate it, but unless you're new to Guitar Hero or are just looking for more songs to expand your experiences pass this one by. You'll be disappointed.

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