Goodwill Shopping Finds

Anyone who's read any of my blogs for awhile knows I've been begging Hubby to build me an extra desk for years. He started it, but he never got around to finishing it. You know how it goes. The carpenter never builds anything at home, just like the mechanic's car is never running and the electrician's home has faulty wiring. They don't want to work once they get home!

I finally decided to break down and buy myself a table or desk that I could use for the "guest computer". Yes, I have a guest computer because so many people come over here asking to use my computer whether it's a family member who's kid needs to do a school project or a friend wanting to search for used Harleys. There's always someone here wanting to use a computer, so I keep one older pc setup just for them. That way I don't have to go cleaning mine up every time someone downloads something they shouldn't. I also don't have to stop what I'm doing to let them use mine.

So, today I made a trip to a few of the local thrift stores. The local Goodwill is always great about having a ton of furniture, and my mom is always raving about the stuff she finds. I hit the jackpot. I found an Ikea corner unit for $30! It's the Alve from Ikea in black-brown, and it'll fit perfectly in the corner in my guest room. Of course I can't move it in there just yet since Hubby's in the guest room right now tearing the bike's carbs apart, but it'll be the perfect solution for what I need.

I guess I learned my lesson. Stop waiting around for Hubby to build what I need. Just keep checking the thrift stores until I luck up on another $400 find for $30!


ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Good for you. I also have a guest computer. I haven't hooked it up yet to the internet though. I need to get the wireless connection. Hmm... this post just reminded me that my 'to do' list is not complete. ;-)

Annie said...

Heck yeah! I love thrift shopping...