Father's Day Is Around The Corner

I shouldn't have glanced down at the calendar. I totally forgot Father's day is coming up! I guess I'll start looking for gifts tomorrow while I'm out.

We don't technically have to buy anything for Hubby's dad because I bought him a cell phone last month. He was stuck with a pre-paid phone that was costing him way too much cash, so I added an extra line to my Verizon plan for him. When I picked up the phone for his line I told him not to worry about it. We'd just consider it his father's day gift. For once we didn't buy him golf equipment! I still want to get him something small though so he has something to open on Father's Day from us.

As for my dad, I have no idea what to get. I normally buy him something hunting or fishing related, but I hate getting him the same thing year after year.

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