Throwing It Out

Doing some spring cleaning today I realized one thing. Hubby has way too much junk. He's got boxes of comic books, Garfield books, and legos. He's got clothes he hasn't worn in 5 years, and worst of all he's got a ton of broken furniture that he's set aside to repair. He'll never get around to it. He never does. Just like the desk he was supposed to build me years ago *wink wink*.

Well I hate to tell him but he's getting rid of a lot of stuff. I want him to go through his collections to see what I can Ebay. I want him to trash the stuff he's never going to fix. I'm so tired of having all this extra stuff taking up needed space in my house. I don't have a very big house. We've got a 2 bedroom 1500sq ft home, and it's packed with junk!

Things are going to change around here! I feel like I need to call that Clean House show!

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