Just One More Service To Pay For

Have you heard about the deal with American Airlines charging for checking your bags? We don't fly, so I've never had to worry about stuff like this, but we'll be taking a vacation later in the year that requires us to fly. I'm a few days late reading about it, by when I was catching up on posts I've missed on TazDog I saw the info on it. Honestly I think charging passengers to check their bags is going to end up backfiring for American Airlines!

I read about that last night, so I mentioned it to my aunt this morning. My aunt and uncle are going to Las Vegas next month, and of course they're flying. I asked who she was flying with, and when she said American Airlines I filled her in. She's not happy at all! The thought of paying $15 to check her first bag, and then possibly having to pay $25 to check additional bags could hurt them drastically. They've saved for a long time to take this trip, and she doesn't want to have to cancel it.

Her options right now are to pack lighter (but that's hard to do for a 2 week trip to Vegas) and change hotels. She asked me to do a search for las vegas hotels that are cheaper than the one they're already booked at. She already has reservations, but she can cancel those and only pay a 10% fee if she does it in the next week or so.

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