Can't Sleep

I totally can't sleep tonight. All this stuff going on with the bike being wrecked has had my mind working overtime. I planned to lay down and just sleep away all the bad thoughts and feelings, but it just won't happen.

This wreck reminded me of how hard it was for us last year when Hubby had his wreck. Our income then was significantly less than it is now, and neither of us had insurance although we both were working full time jobs. The income is definitely more now, but we're still both without insurance.

Hubby's boss will pay for health insurance, but only NC health insurance since his business is in NC. Since we live in SC and Hubby commutes, that doesn't help us at all. I've been thinking about it for awhile now, but I think I'm going to finally break down and get us both a private insurance plan. Because I'm fully self employed and Hubby's considered part time self employed, we get a write off on a taxes if we pay for our own health insurance.

It's something I'm definitely going to talk to Hubby about tomorrow. I just really don't want either of us going without health insurance any longer.

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