Another Late Night

I am really freakin' bored tonight. I tried to keep myself up most of the day so I would sleep tonight, but as usual that didn't work. I ended up sleeping well into the evening, especially since my internet was out, so here I am again at 2am wide awake.

My best friend is texting me to keep herself awake since she has to work 3rd shift tomorrow night. If I could switch sleeping schedules with her I'd gladly do it, but as we were just discussing I wouldn't switch pets.

My fat and lazy bulldog is passed out asleep beside me while her excitable weimaraner puppy with way too much energy is running through the house like mad. He chewed through the HDMI cable she just replaced a couple weeks ago, so now she's got to buy another one. Saying that basically means I have to buy her another one because she's clueless when it comes to anything electronics. She took a picture of the old cable and sent it to me saying "I need this".

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