Terranova® Petal Soft Lotion

I've got a little lotion sitting here that I've been meaning to tell you about forever now. It's a sample my sister in law stuffed into a bag of stuff she gave me for Christmas, and when I sit down to go through my items I still have to review I always seem to miss it. That's because it's never actually in my box o' stuff. It's almost always in my purse, on my desk, on the bathroom sink, or somewhere else where I'll find it.

The lotion is Terranova® Petal Soft Lotion in Gardenia scent.

Here's Terranovabody.com's description of the Petal Soft Lotion.
This luxurious hand and body lotion is infused with anti-oxidants green tea and vitamin E, plus beautifying hibiscus and peony.

And this is what they have to say about the scent.

The majestic Gardenia, fragrant queen of tropical flowers, celebrates feminine grace, joy and beauty. The allure of paradise.

I have always loved the wonderful smell of Gardenia, and this lotion reminds me of a candle I had for ages when I was a teenager. That candle sat on my dresser for a couple years because it gave off such a strong fragrance for so long. The cold throw was amazing, and I never burned the candle. I have no idea what happened to it, but I haven't seen it since I moved out of my mom's house over 5 years ago.

This lotion smells just as great as that candle did, and the scent is strong but not overpowering. Hubby doesn't normally like it when I wear anything with a very flower-like scent, but he loves this lotion. The scent is so real you can close your eyes and picture yourself sitting in a flower garden surrounded by Gardenias.

As for the lotion itself it's got a nice feel to it. I can use a very small amount, and it's enough for both hands. My hands feel silky and smooth, and my sensitive skin hasn't given me any problems. The lotion doesn't feel sticky or chalky like a lot of other lotions I've tried, and this one is definitely a keeper for me.

My little bottle is almost empty, so I checked out the Terranova®website to see if they sell it online. You can't buy it directly from their website, but they do provide a list of e-tailers along with which product lines can be found at each website.

I found the Gardenia Body Petal Soft Lotion 8.25oz bottle for $15.00 on Amazon. You can also find all of the other Terranova® products on Amazon as well.

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