Losing My Mind


You say wtf?

Yeah that's how my mind is thinking right now. Everything is all jumbled up. I've got 3 projects I really need to finish, and I can't concentrate on any of them. I really do think my brain has taken an off week. First it was the fact that I forgot I had both a wedding and baby shower to go to this weekend. Then I forgot my Grandma's birthday party, and now I'm forgetting the simple things.

I swear I've washed the same load of laundry FOUR TIMES because I keep forgetting to put the clothes in the dryer. I forgot time was changing last night, and I forgot hubby has to work today. I almost forgot to feed the dog last night, but thankfully hubby took care of it. I need to take the dog out to pee, but I'll have to go with him. The way my mind has been I'm afraid if I put him in the fence I'll forget about him!

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