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When I discovered That's My Answer on Tuesday I've found myself looking at the site more and more to see what questions are being asked. I like to make myself think, and I guess that's why I like memes and quizzes so much. Most of the questions I've just sat down and thought about what my answer would be, but I'm sharing these.

What are you good at?

I would like to think I'm good at blogging, but I know I'm good at most computer related tasks. I'm pretty good at multi-tasking although I could do a lot better. I'm really good at analyzing situations and finding a solution to the problem.

What are you not so good at?

Staying on task. I said I could multi-task, but I didn't say I'd keep on the task at hand. I'll be doing 10 things at once and realize I totally forgot to do the most important thing. My mind tends to wander to something else.

Be honest, how long do leftovers last in your house?

Not long at all. When you've got a hubby like mine, everything gets eaten pretty quickly.

Do you understand gigabytes and all that computer language mumbo jumbo?

Oh yeah. You throw a computer question at me, and I'll be able to answer it or figure out an answer in a matter of minutes. Computers are a hobby that I turned into a business. Ask me about typical housewife stuff like how to get out a certain stain or what temperature to bake a ham and I'm clueless.

If you were a dog, would you want a really long tail, or a short stumpy tail?

I'd be a bulldog with a short stumpy tail. That way I could be just like my bulldog, Bubba, spending most of my days sitting in a chair looking out the window...when I wasn't sleeping of course.

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