Thrift Store Shopping

While I'm out today I also need to look at some furniture. I'll probably stop by the Goodwill store to see what they have in terms of storage. The new Goodwill store in Seneca is full of all kinds of furniture!

Hubby and I considered joining a directbuy program because we know a couple people who are members, and they save a ton. It's probably not the best option for us right now since you have to pay fees to become a member, but when we're ready to build our house it could help us save a ton.

For now I'm going to stick to my thrift store buys. I need some new shelves for the wall in the bedroom, and I definitely need a new storage unit for the bathroom. I could have hubby build these things easily probably from material he's got around the house, but getting hubby to do any carpentry after he leaves worth is like pulling teeth.

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